Hate is a Very Strong Word

Today it dawned on me that I fucking hate library science (the word hate must've crossed my mind a hundred times today). I always figured that was the kind of conclusion you'd come to after, say, a decade into your career, not a year and a half post grad school. And to add total insult to injury I come home and my goddamn diploma that I never received despite finishing school in summer 2004 (I was even bitching about this last night) is sitting in a cardboard envelope in the foyer. What does this mean? Is it saying, hey, don't give up, remember why you pursued me for a year and a half, or is it there to taunt me like you've finally received me and who cares now, you're a sucker? I suppose it's best not to imbue a piece of paper with so much meaning. I'm probably sour from my Super Bowl junk food binge. It's just the little smokies talking.

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