Positively Not

"You look like a positive person." Uh, nice try. It doesn't take much to convince me to buy candy, but that was totally the wrong approach. I do my best to avoid those teenage boys (they're always boys–well, once a little girl in Union Sq. approached me and suckered me out of $2 for a standard sized bag of M&Ms. That was the first and last time I bought candy from strangers) on subways or street corners (in this case) who try to get you to buy candy to support a sports team or some other good cause. I'm so ridiculously un-positive and growing more un-positive by the day. Even street candy won't help me now.

Ha, I like this bit on most unpopular careers that I couldn't help but click into while checking my hotmail. 95% of the time I avoid their stupid teasers, but I just had a suspicion about librarians being on their list that needed to be confirmed. #3 most unpopular, way to go!


Friday, I was mindlessly poking around the internet as I'm less and less likely to do lately. I never recall the chain of events, series of links that gets me where I end up, but somehow I found myself at stuff on my cat, which was silly enough to temporarily lift my head cold fog (I'm 97% back to normal now, thank you). I was most impressed with their one entry, which was a prime example of one of my favorite genres, the interspecies friendship. I didn't initially see where this Flickr set came from but it had Malaysia written all over it. I swear, if a study was conducted on interspecies bonding, S.E. Asia would be the epicenter. I don't know if it's the climate, the culture or the creatures themselves, but that part of the world seems ripe for unholy couplings.

Then this afternoon I was faced with another inexplicable phenomenon: how websites all glob onto the same subject at the same time. This cat monkey thing was new to me, as of four days ago, yet today it's all over the place. Even Gawker, which has nothing to do with animals in foreign lands (unless they're being sodomized by a B-list celebrity) posted one of the feline-simian pics (which came via cityrag) next to an completely unrelated post.

Which brings me to another thing I don't understand: blog linking. There's that convention that's developed where rather than citing the original source, a blog links to another blog, which has written about the original bit. And I'm not sure if the rationale is to give credit to the blogger who found it before you, or to name check and create visibility for yourself when potentially traffic is driven to the linked site from your own (or is that what trackbacks are for?). Despite doing this web thing for quite some time, I feel like I missed out on some blogger orientation session. That wouldn't be surprising since that's pretty much how I feel about life in general.

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