Falling on Deaf Ears

Vintage_1Should a pudgy 33 year old be allowed to wear leggings? Most likely not. But common sense has never stopped me before. And yes, this is coming from the same person who was having a shit fit about the resurgence of leggings and stirrup pants earlier this year. I'm still hating the stirrups, but I've softened my stance on the leggings (I will never ease up my position on New Yorker cartoons, however). I experimented with the disturbing look at a party on Sat. (technically, these were footless tights, not leggings) and the earth continued to spin, flames didn't shoot from the heavens. I don't know if there'll be a repeat performance, but it was good to get the look out of my system.

Maybe if you can still hear that high-pitched kids-only ring tone that everybody was talking about today (at least in my office. I was so sick of hearing people testing it out to see if they could detect it that I had to put on earphones-not to muffle the noise itself,  but the asinine commentary) you can get away with wearing leggings under skirts. And yes, I can hear the damn signal.

LeggingsI just don't know if the if you wore it the first time around, you can't wear the second time theory holds true anymore since fashion has practically imploded upon itself. It made sense in say, the '80s, when youngsters started appropriating '50s thrift store chic (there was this in the '70s too-think of the popularity of American Graffiti, Happy Days, Grease and the like. It shifted a bit punky by the '80s, I think. The concept of something not terribly old being vintage seems very post-'70s to me). It would be silly for someone who originally wore poodle skirts as teen, to wear them again while middle aged. Or did women do that? I imagine they would be perceived as kooky. Just you wait until I revive low-rise jeans when I'm 50.

Of course, it's not just in recent times that fashion has been recycled. Here's an interesting perspective on vintage revival from a professor at the University of Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Falling on Deaf Ears

  1. Totally cute! I love the blue shoes! I’m 18-years apart from my step-sister (who is now in her early 40’s), and she used to totally refuse to wear boot-cut or flare jeans because she “wore them the first time around.” However, she was wearing the “mom” jeans (you know what I’m talking about). Totally unflattering and horrible. I think if the look is flattering AND age appropriate you’re totally gold! Fashion has really gotten fucked up anymore because places like H&M, Gap, and even Payless have made it so easy to be trendy. People just load up on cheap trendy shit instead of complementing a classic outfit with a trendy accessory or style. If we all had to shop at Anthropologie and Banana Republic to get the trends(neither store carries my size by the way, so I’d really be shit out of luck there), I think things wouldn’t look so grotesque. Anyway, your outfit is lovely! It’s wonderful to see more pictures of you, also!

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