Sometimes Silence is Golden

Golden Of course when you have nothing nice to say, you're supposed to keep mum. I guess that's why it's been so quiet around here lately. The three-day weekend didn't have the desired long-lasting uplifting effects (they never do) and now it's ancient history anyway (I did manage to make it  out Fri. night, then literally did nothing on Sat. and Sun. Luckily, Monday involved Clemente's Maryland Crabhouse in Sheepshead Bay and the lame holiday redeemed itself a bit).

Yesterday, I had the busiest work day of my life and my supposed manager called in short notice to say she couldn't make it in because she needed to bake brownies for a school sale. Oh, and her computer broke so she couldn't check email or work from home even though she's paid to telecommute. Then I went to the dentist for the first time in nine years and now I have to get a cavity filled (only one for that span of time is pretty good if you ask me) next thurs. and three wisdom teeth pulled who knows when and they want to do "deep cleaning" which they can only do in two parts and costs $70 for each side of the mouth and it sounds like a total scam to me. Then I had a headache and really bad cramps and took an Aleve from the medicine selection at work near the printers.

Ok, fine. Then I left early (that's the only beauty of having absolutely no one in charge-if they can't be bothered to come in and do work, then how would they possibly know when I'm in the office?) despite having tons of work to go out with former coworkers (one just gave notice last week and I actually entertained applying for the open position doing exactly what I was doing five months ago since they're now paying what I'm making at my current job and you basically do nothing all day and get summer Fridays off from now until Labor Day and leave at 5pm on the dot no matter what. But of course it's an evil place or I wouldn't have left in the first place. And just imagine the ruined karma associated with returning to a bad job. I can't think of anything more pathetic…well, I'm sure I could, but I don't have the energy at the moment) for a drink, and while on the subway I had a totally new and disturbing experience. My face starting getting super hot (I know, it was like 87 and humid yesterday, but it wasn't normal sweating) and my heart started beating extremely hard, not like a panic attack at all, but something very clearly physical and very wrong. All I could think was this is how a heart attack must start. I only went two stops and had to walk three blocks to the bar and on the way my palms started itching uncontrollably. By the time I got to my destination, I had hives all up my forearms, my lips were starting to swell and a rash had broken out all over my neck. My hands had puffed up and that loose skin on top of the knuckles was taut and my fingers had ballooned like little fat sausages. I was trying not to panic, and I think it felt weirder than it looked because the two women I was with kept insisting that my face looked fine (they were concerned, but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it). I couldn't stop scratching my hands and neck and then I started losing my hearing and my ears were ringing. It was so fucked up, but didn't stop me from having two margaritas and a hard cider anyway. All I can think is that it was an allergic reaction to the Aleve, which has never ever happened before.

Then I had to walk to the subway and then walk home from the subway in a violent thunderstorm and I hadn't brought an umbrella. I got home soaking wet and covered in welts…but at least my teeth were clean (though not deeply clean).

P.S. God bless you, Google Images.

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