Two Dogs Will Kill a Lion?

I don't like seeing emails with subjects like "Your future, much-suffering" even in my junk mail folder and even if it's trying to sell me black market Cialis (and I'm still not sure about the hyphenation of much suffering).

Highway 2 In case anyone actually follows what I say and was wondering whatever happened on the job interviewing front: I didn't get either position. And I hesitate to say anymore than that as I'm obviously still on the market and I know for a fact that someone at of these potential employers was on my website (though honestly, I don't think that had much to do with my not getting the job) and HR just loves seeing potential new hires bitching about the interview process and badmouthing their present employer.

One of the jobs was no biggie because after an initial meeting, I wasn't interested. But I was frustrated yesterday when learning that I didn't get the other one. I made it through two rounds of hardcore interviewing (with seven people and was grilled within an inch of my life) and was subjected to a Wonderlic test (while not a terribly hard test, some of the questions were baffling. A good number of them had to do with picking which proverbs meant the same thing. And phrases like "you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar" and "cash is king" are standard, but I swear others like "two dogs will kill a lion" are totally made up.  If you Google that one you only get webpages talking about this test. Maybe my lack of familiarity with imaginary proverbs was my downfall) but ultimately it was a no go because someone else had more directly applicable skills (which I'd agree with–I do research/reference not cataloging/database management). And realistically, I was more excited about the salary (and getting out of my current situation, which turned emotionally dire this afternoon) than the actual job.

There's a real shitty life lesson in here and I'm so not about life lessons. But enough (I hate not being able to detail the details) or else I'll just get myself into trouble. I've been trying to distract myself with random amusements like adding Malan Breton as a My Space friend (I'm not fantastical about Project Runway, but I did watch the premier on Wed. and decided that this crazy-voiced, foppish, mascara wearing designer who lives in Long Island City was my favorite, at least initially. It's hard to tell from one episode)

24I've also been tracking down images of my favorite TV cliché where the male protagonist is shown as a loner in the distance. Often they are silhouetted by the sun in the background and a long road or railroad tracks are involved. So far, I've thought of Jack Bauer in the last episode of 24 season 4, Michael Landon in the opening credits of Highway to Heaven, David Caradine in the beginning and ending of Kung Fu, and David Banner in The Incredible Hulk. I was lucky that Highway to Heaven aired last Sat., Kung Fu was on Thurs. night and Incredible Hulk will be on next Wed. More suggestions are welcome.

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