Ticky Tacky Puking

Trust31Oh look, I'm practically liveblogging. While flipping around killing time until Project Runway, I caught the tail end of Weeds, a show I don't really watch. I do vaguely know some of the story lines. Like I know that Mary Louise Parker had slept with that Hal Hartley actor who plays a narcotics agent and had to call it off because, duh, she's a pot dealer. But he just showed up unannounced at her house and she did some spiel about how it has to end and then he's like "I knew you were a drug dealer" and then she freaks and runs out of his SUV and pukes in the grass. I'd be like, "great, so everything's cool" because I find that Hal Hartley actor kind of hot in a grotesque way (they've been playing Trust a lot recently on IFC, so the younger version of him is relatively fresh in my mind). He almost has Mapother quality, which isn't hot but is OK on this guy. Now if someone would put Tom Cruise's cousin in an emotional vomit scene I could die a happy person.

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