You Make a Better Door Than a Window*

My_deskMaybe it’s the disgusting heat and humidity (or the troubling intestinal after effects of eating a seriously spicy Chinese hot pot in Flushing last night—I would elaborate but it’s for a New York review and I feel like I should wait until it’s published and I have no idea when that will be) but today I’ve felt nothing but steamed, cranky and ineffectual and all of my bones hurt for no good reason. (I’m really afraid that I’m at another one of those non-air conditioned jobs. I hate natural air. It’s mildly scary because we’re on the top floor and the window directly behind my back has a screen that for some reason isn’t fully covering the window. It’s not like I could fit through four inches of space anyway, though I suppose a screen wouldn’t hold back a body in motion, not that I anticipate being pushed or rolling out the window. There’s got to be an OSHA rule against large open windows 33 floors up, though. Yes, that's the desk/window combo in question. No, I don't believe in decorating my office space.) I haven’t been eating for leisure so I can’t talk about food instead of myself exclusively.

I bought arranged Mexico City tickets, so it’s a go for the end of the month. I actually could’ve tagged along a Geneva business trip the half-week before but airfare is too outrageous for a lark. I just hope I get some good chocolate and cheese out of the deal. Geneva doesn’t look too promising dining-wise, so I’m not crushed. Dull and expensive is not my way. Fondue, though, right?

I can’t figure out why I just received a call from a job that I applied to in January and heard nothing from and had a recruiter present me to in February and again heard nothing from. I never even interviewed. It’s PR, which I found loathsome in my eight-month experience, so it’s not like I’m interested. I haven’t called back, though I do wonder if they dragged their feet this long or if the person they hired already quit. I’d love it if it was the latter, though that attitude is bound to bring bad karma.

*My grandpa used to say that and I totally didn't get what it meant, even as I was standing in front of the TV.

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