You Look Mahvelous

I’m not internet linky but Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians is un-ignorably funny and yeah, I saw it on Gawker first, which is something I hate to admit.


It’s also timely because I was just marveling at how Ken Burns looks like a post-op transsexual. Actually, it was James who pointed this out and he’s the least observant person in world history (seriously, he can’t blonde girls like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson apart and thinks Jean Tripplehorn and Marcia Gay Harden are the same person when they are so not).

It’s like you can get a mastectomy, deepen your voice, sprout a moustache and put on a pair of Dockers but your frame is still small, your hands are tiny and the bones in your face are too delicate.


Now that I think about it, Martin Short kind of fits both molds: man who looks like an old lesbian and transsexual.

Update: So, I’m watching Heroes tonight and that Macy’s commercial comes on where all the celebrities with brands make an appearance. And when Jessica Simpson shows up James says, “Is that Carmen Electra?” I seriously thought he was fucking with me because I tend to think people are intentionally trying to piss me off when really they’re just clueless, but then remembered that he doesn’t read this blog or any blog that I’m aware of and he’s just that retarded.

Also, Ken Burns was already on Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians and I just didn’t scroll far enough into the archives. Now I know that he's totally a woman. 

3 thoughts on “You Look Mahvelous

  1. rachel: Dave Foley, definitely. All those Kids in the Hall actors have potential for old lesbian-ness.

    Jasper vB: Something about that makes me think of Yentl. Barbra Streisand must fit into this equation somehow.

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