It's not just horrible things like rooster rugs and starfish quilts that work their way into my house courtesy of James' parents (obese cat, all my own doing). Oh no, he's also been the recipient of numerous clearance table travel guides. Even free is too steep a price for these outdated paperbacks.

Out of curiosity I started poking around the tiny travel section of our living room shelves to see if there were any weirdo books on Madrid. I was in luck. Sitting right there was a lovely copy of Frommer's Madrid and Barcelona by Night…from 1998. Not old enough to be an antique and too ancient to be useful. At least in a practical way.

I do love all of the advice on how to dress to get into cool clubs. Gen X is still used to refer to young people, in contrast to separate paragraphs on bars for 30 and 40-somethings.

"And remember, madrileños love accessories. Safety pins in denim jackets are good, even better in parts of your anatomy. Biker accoutrements-a discretely placed chain or two-are way cool. Don't neglect the footwear: combat boots, hiking shoes, Reeboks, and Nikes, preferably scuffed. Hair? Spikes and mohawks are out. The clean-cut, retro fifties look now prevails for guys (you know, 90210 sideburns); military buzz cuts also command attention, for both sexes."

Wasn't a 90210 reference dated for even 1998? No matter, I will try and track down a pair of beat up Reeboks before heading out of town next week. I don't want to stand out like a rube or anything.

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