Going South


Southland, not a show I've seriously watched. I peeked at an episode and all I noticed was a bunch of short-haired women (ok, two) in different scenes crying or being hysterical, and rapidly lost interest. Whatever, I'm sensitive to negative portrayals of women without long hair. I perked up a bit when a dead body was found in a near-abandoned house. Puke ensued. What a rookie mistake. I'm still not clear if the horror stemmed from simple corpse rotting or if the dog had started eating the deceased.

4 thoughts on “Going South

  1. I missed the pilot episode of Southland, but started watching the series after catching half of the second episode. They kept C. Thomas Howell on the series after he was supposed to retire. I had the biggest crush on him when The Outsiders came out. Kind of playing different roles now 🙂

  2. Heather: I’ve caught bits and pieces but it hasn’t sucked me in yet. Tommy Howell, C. Thomas, whatever, was on 24 a few seasons ago playing a therapist and was dating Jack Bauer’s horrible daughter. It was funny.

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