Every (City of) Rose(s) Has its Thorn

Make the Portland stories stop now, please. I can't read lines like, "Few Jobs in Places Like Portland and Austin, but the Hipsters Just Keep on Coming" before I've had my first cup of (non-Stumptown) coffee.

Anyone who would move to Portland (who's not in high tech and has nothing to do with Nike) and think they were going to find a decent-paying (or any) job, deserves to be disappointed. What part of 11.8% unemployment rate do they not understand? Fresh air, fixed gear bikes and free-trade coffee beans can only provide so much solace.

Twenty-six-year-old Matt Singer had his sights set on an alt-weekly gig like he'd had in California.

"…is now earning $12 an hour at a temporary job scanning loan documents, a task he says is so mind-numbing he listens to his iPod all day. 'Careerwise, it's definitely not what I'd like to be doing, says Mr. Singer."

Sounds like much of my twenties but at $6 an hour with a no Walkmans allowed rule. I don't realize how geriatric I am until I catch myself calling my iPod a Walkman. For real.

5 thoughts on “Every (City of) Rose(s) Has its Thorn

  1. slocker: Well, I must admit the giant pork belly banh mi on the first page of the article is very enticing, I’m still scared of all the Portland worship.

    And as I also noticed recently: “As in several other restaurants around town, the place’s bratty inner 12-year-old is indulged in a note: ‘Substitutions politely declined.'”

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