Gray Hair Bad, Gray Nail Polish Good

Gray nail polish Thank you, $3.99 Milani. I’m so excited that gray nail polish has finally trickled down to drug store brands. It seemed to be big last summer so it's about time. You have no idea how impossible it is to find non-sparkly, non-iridescent (because then it's just silver or "gun metal") plain gray nail polish without ordering it online. (I'm fascinated by this nail polish site–something for everyone.) I was even willing to pay the $11, which isn’t a ton of money but too much in my mental budget for nail polis, for the limited edition gray shade from the MAC Hello Kitty collection but they were sold-out in store and online anyway.

I'm really not as obsessed with nail polish and make up as it appears here, but I do get wound up over unusual colors. The strange thing is that I've never ever had a manicure, a thought that occurred to me while trying to be open minded to atypical-for-me experiences during my Opposite Day. I just don't see the sense in paying to have your nails done, even if it's cheap in NYC. Same with brows. Am I really missing out?

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