Staycation of My Dreams


Ever since the utilitarian Brooklyn Motor Inn opened a few blocks from me a few years ago, just next to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel entrance on the cusp of Red Hook, I’ve been curious if it’s a legitimate motel because I don’t know who else but folks who spell Manhattan Manhatten and Manhatton would willingly stay there (it’s no Holiday Inn Gowanus or Hotel Le Bleu). Not curious enough to actually pay a visit or anything.

But here’s my chance–I just received a $10 off coupon for neighborhood residents. Who’ll take them up on their generous offer?

2 thoughts on “Staycation of My Dreams

  1. It is actually a legit motel. An out of town friend stayed there a few years ago.

    Re – Chains – I suggest checking out Pollo Tropical. There’s one off Route 3 on the way to Clifton (in with the Bed Bath & Beyond etc.) and I also noticed one in Staten Island on Forest Ave. Try the ribs with the guava barbecue sauce!

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