Down and Out in Oregon

“portland downscale swingers bars

For some reason I can’t help but think this must be Oregon not Maine. I do love that this searcher (who ended up here on this site) was sick of all those fancy highbrow swingers bars Portland has to offer. They just want it down and dirty, thanks.

I have no answers for them. I’m still trying to catch up with a week’s worth of flotsam and jetsam and so far have only managed to sort through a typically sad selection of photos. I always say this but I’m an abysmal photographer. I never capture what I intend to (other than food) and there is always a severe lack of human subjects. There’s not a single friend in any of these despite my meeting up with five separate pals from the past. Plus, I’m wearing the same five-year-old H&M dress in every picture despite bringing a full seven changes of clothing with me. Oh well.

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