Portland Bound

Tevassocks In just about 12 hours I will be in Portland, then Eugene, then Manzanita. Should be interesting. My only dilemma is what to wear. I'm still scarred from the last time I visited over Labor Day weekend, and packed during high 80s and disembarked to weather so chilly you could see your breath and needed to turn the heat on indoors. It’s still bare legs and no-sleeves warm in NYC and the temperature barely shifts from day to night. From what I can gather, it looks like it can go all the way down to the 50s in Oregon even if it’s 70s during the day. Does this mean tights? Do I have to hunt down a fall jacket? I was bringing all open-toed shoes but that’s probably dumb if it’s rainy, right?

Ah, who cares. As long as I don’t end up in fleece, cargo pants or Tevas with socks, I should be good.

6 thoughts on “Portland Bound

  1. Despite a couple of weeks of really nice weather, it’s supposed to be cold and rainy through labor day weekend!! So much so that I’ve cancelled a bike ride out to the coast. Hope you packed your woolens, and a good coat…hope you have a great time nonetheless!!

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