Up Up (Chuck) and Away

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I’ve always been very suspicious of emotional vomiters on film. It’s just never ringed true to my real life experiences. (The other vomit cliché—who knew there were so many—is that seeing someone vomit will set of a chain reaction of vomiting. They just used that on The Office last week.)

Which isn’t to say that it never happens. Balloon Boy threw up twice this morning, which makes yesterday’s whole spectacle even more odd.

“During an ABC interview on Friday Falcon was asked why he said he was hiding ‘for a show,’ at which point he said: ‘Mom, I feel like I'm going to vomit.’ He then left the room with his mother and could be heard gagging.

During a live interview on NBC's ‘Today’ that aired simultaneously, Falcon threw up into a container when his father was answering the same question.”

It's around the six minute mark in the video, if you care to see such things. Either he’s lying and his stomach is belying the truth and/or there are some very creepy family dynamics occurring.

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