Allergic to NJ, LI and now SI

Urgh, it happened again. The mystery leaving-the-city barfs (I spared you the tale of Long Island Ikea puking on Halloween) that often hit me when trying to shop and eat burgers in New Jersey. Pretty much every time I get in a car and go farther than Brooklyn or Queens I get sweaty, extremely dizzy like I can’t even walk straight, blurred vision and nausea that comes and goes in waves. The only thing that stops it is Dramamine and sitting still with my eyes closed, often in a parked car, while James goes grocery shopping and misinterprets my shopping list (when I write fruit, I mean berries not apples—I hate apples).

Bigloveskirt This time it happened in Staten Island (only like a 30 minute drive) on Valentine’s Day. In a fit of queasy poor decision making I thought it was a good idea to buy a way too short for me dress at the Staten Island Mall H&M. It’s actually kind of cute, more like a long tunic than a dress, but it makes me nervous wearing hemlines hitting half-way up the thigh. When Chloe Sevigny’s character on that Sunday’s Big Love went all wild and showed up at the Mormon marrying motel dressed like a teen whore, I thought, “those are the legs you need to wear short skirts.” More spindly than shapely, good for fashion. (I realize you can barely see her legs in that photo from MamaPop, but I am too lazy to take my own.)

Picking out a strange dress is only part of it. Twice in the past week I’ve gone to the gym and performed the usual routine: walk in door, scan my barcode thing at the front counter, grab a towel off counter, walk to back of room and try to find an empty locker to store my bag and coat, get out my water bottle, iPod and magazine. But when I go to find an open elliptical machine my towel is missing. I don’t see it on the ground (it’s not a big place) and it wasn’t accidentally shut in the locker. It’s nowhere. This actually makes me feel extremely crazy. Thinking about it right now is making me feel crazy. Did I not even pick it up in the first place? I know for a fact that I did.

The only possible culprit for all this unexplained nonsense is the medicine I take for my blood pressure. I’m certain that I read the side effects before but now it seems glaring that I have all of these except “giddiness,” I am perpetually the opposite of giddy. I don’t remember when I started taking this particular drug, maybe last June, it’s a blur because I’ve tried at least ten different meds in as many years. A majority do not work, period, the rest do things like cause weight gain or cause heart palpitations (harmless but super annoying). Now this.

I think that I am always headachey and dizzy but I sit still most of the day and ride public transportation (as much as I loathe the subway, it never makes me physically sick). It’s only when I get into a car (rarely more than once a week) that the motion sickness is triggered. Strangely, flying doesn’t cause a problem. I’ve been on planes twice since last June. I’m not sure what the solution is but I have begun cutting my pills in half to see if it makes a difference.

If taking one prescription is this disruptive I can’t imagine being truly elderly and having one of those days of the week pillboxes to keep my massive doses straight. At least I don’t have to take insulin…yet.

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