Hang Up the Phone

Does the average person give a rat’s ass about the new iPhone? And the iPad before it? Is this a NYC thing (I don’t think so) or am I being barraged by these inane stories/articles/posts  because I work in digital media and read tech/internetty news all day whether I want to or not? American citizens really have this much expendable time and money? I thought everyone was destitute and unemployed and sadsacked (ok, expendable time, then). I don’t wait in lines and I don’t spend 100+ a month for devices even though I could afford to. A recent meeting got derailed by everyone talking about their iPhones. These are the same people who enjoy declaring that they don’t watch TV (ok, some of my best friends and relatives fall into the I only watch DVDs and use Netflix camp and don’t have smartphones or iPhones).This is not right.

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