That’s Not Football!


What I learned about Portland Timbers fans from the only sports story I’ll likely read all year:

“stadium vendors hawk barbecued-tofu sandwiches, spinach salads and chocolate-covered bacon.”

"The Timbers are all about helping out their fellow man.”

“kilts are ‘considered quite masculine’ in Scotland and Ireland and evoke Portland's identity:  ‘underdogs and kinda blue collar, but also fringe, artistic.’”

"think they're punk-rock, underground, hard-core superstars.”

“Timbers fans ‘are not the brightest bunch,’ thanks, he said, to their being ‘meth-headed’ and ‘jobless.’

"Portland fans are icky, they're the trailer trash of the Pacific Northwest.”

"’They're angry.’ The Portland supporters are so angry, she added, that they remind her of the kinds of fans that follow American football, a species she considers ‘more angry.’”

More Portland Timbers billboards.

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