The Middle Ages: Not 41

To the two people in two days (yes, two—one from San Francisco and another from Taunton, which is apparently somewhere in the UK) who got here searching is 41 middle aged no it’s not. Seriously, not. Not in California, not in England, not anywhere.

Normally, I only check the search log for Goodies First because I don’t assume anyone comes here period. Today I peeked and discovered a few things.

People are very interested in Puerto Rican tattoos: puerttorican tattoos, new york rican tattoos, coqui tattoos and puerto rican tattoos pictures. I can’t really help with that. I can’t help with how to loose your puerto rican accent either, though I would work on loose/lose first, not to be a snot (ok, to be a snot).

harem rompers put two loathsome trends that I had forgot existed in one form into my mind. I can’t unthink it.

I imagine cubby girl margarita wanted chubby.

kate winslet 140 pounds probably thinks that’s fat.

i hate being fucking fat makes me sad.

Who on earth is searching henry thomas wife? Someone in Australia’s got her eye on Elliott. You know, if I had a kid, which I won’t, really I won’t, I would name it Elliott. Gender, no difference.

I feel like I’m getting dumber. Me too.

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