Poorly Shod

Mangled shoes

I’ve barely owned these shoes for a month and I’ve already destroyed the cork heels. They're already in worse shape than the older version of these sandals I've worn for three years. What gives? I’m desperate and to the point where I would pay someone to follow me around for a day and see how I’m mis-walking. Do I kick the backs of my own feet? Am I rubbing up against sandpaper and rocks and not noticing? Even if I were a stomping, hard-walker (which I might be) I can't fathom how that would affect the back of a shoe and not just the sole.

I don’t see how walking to and from the subway (it was the 30 minute walk from my Spanish class Wed. night in the rain that soiled the edges, that I know. This is only one reason why I'm unhappy with my Spanish class moving from around the corner to downtown Brooklyn) and up and down subway stairs, the extent of my feet motions in a normal day, could cause gashes that always ruin the backs of my shoes’ heels the first time I wear them.

I don’t buy spindly heels, only short solid ones never over 2” and they must be wood or something sturdy, not covered in leather or fabric, and I don’t buy expensive shoes (I only have one pair over $100 and am scared to wear them because they get scraped each time and at this point they’re two years old and probably out of style anyway).

Blue shoes

But even the safe-seeming heels only help so much. A pair with I wore with short little heels on vacation last week (where I walked like nowhere because it was the west coast and I got to ride around in car) got a gash taken out of the wood-like laminate on the left and the blue leather didn’t fare so well. Where do I even get blue shoe polish?

Maybe this is why women wear flip flops.

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