Speaking of books (I think I just was), I rely on the Brooklyn Public Library for providing reading material. They’re pretty good (and even have a Gary Lutz book, not the short story collection I couldn’t get through—maybe I’ll pick it up) though they don’t have everything. Lydia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water for one (I’ve been considering buying  Kindle since buying my mom one for her birthday a few weeks ago—at least they do have a Kindle format for this book).

Except for when they only have one copy of a book and it’s been overdue since August 16. I put The Pugilist at Rest on hold (it’s not available for Kindle either) but I’m being taunted by that return date that keeps growing farther away in time. If this were a romantic comedy, maybe even a more indie film, I would Twitter about this transgression (I've considered this) and connect with the offender and fall in love, obviously. What Brooklyn douche is doing this? And does he (I'm assuming it's a he, though I have no reason to) want to see puglism in action, i.e. from my fists of fury? I’ve inadvertently kept a book a few days past its due date, but I’d never allow it to stretch into months.

I guess I should re-connect with that old entity, the used book store.

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