Cyborgs vs. Hedonists

Even though my It Happened to Me article (hey, I've had the urge to write one since day one and the topic presented itself to me) is ostensibly eating-related, it's more me-related and oddly, I am feeling shy about putting it on my food blog, despite already Twittering and Facebooking a link. Nothing stops anyone from clicking here or vice versa, but I like the mental separation between the two blogs and pretend that this is the one where I can say whatever and no one will read it.

I've never been a big comment generator (something I could remedy by fostering more interactions with others on blogs, something I vow to change each year and never do) so it's enlightening to get a large number or reactions to see how you come across. I was very careful about what I did and didn't say, nothing was written off the cuff. Here, it always is. I don't want to be perceived as angry or a martyr, so I'll try and keep that in the check in the future even though I thought I was being tempered. But being angry really isn't the worst. It might be better than being depressive and ineffectual. It's a motivator and gets things done. When I think angry and martyr I think Janeane Garofalo, in other words, very classic Gen X. I see this age divide a lot now even when I try not to be age-obsessed. Self-deprecation mixed with abrasiveness confuses people under 30 and they think you are genuinely mad when you're just wound-up and animated because they are used to a meandering indirectness, complimenting, killing with kindness and exclamation points that read breezy but are possibly covering up insecurities. Actually, Kat Denning's character in Two Broke Girls (which yes, I'm still watching) is angry and a martyr and she's young, so ignore everything I just said. I know nothing.

I've also learned that there really are two types of people, not quite A's and B's, bottle-feds and breast-feds, or am and pm kindergarteners (kids who grew up with parents who either brought them to the morning or afternoon sessions) as I used to divide the world because I've shifted from an am kindergarten type to one who uses a snooze alarm and will sleep in till noon on weekends.

But I do think there are food as fuelers, a.k.a. cyborgs, and the hedonists. I am the latter, obviously, I could never be the other. The first is healthier, regimented, someone who is likely to say that they forgot to eat, an unfathomable impossibility to me. Maybe even a little puritanical, routineized for sure. They like running, work late, aren't crazy about vacations but probably get massages and spa treatments.

Then there are people who enjoy eating, quantity over quality. Really, there are tons of people, probably the largest group, who are just in the middle making no waves. The types who might  say things like how it's healthier to eat real food like spaghetti carbonara in small portions rather than a giant bowl of "spaghetti carbonara" made from shirataki noodles, egg substitute, and Laughing Cow cheese wedges. I would say the same thing, but I'd in practice I'd eat the giant bowl of real carbonara. Hungry Girl is wildly popular for a reason, right? People, by which I mean Americans, prefer large servings of crap to restrained portions of high quality fare. Maybe the hedonist camp is more like 60% with the remainder split between the rational and the cyborgs.

When someone loses like more than half of their body weight, like a serious drop from 500 to 175 and they stick with it, it is because they are a cyborg at heart. I really believe that it has something to do with genetics or how the brain is wired as much as willpower. It has probably been studied. Or maybe I have it backwards and the cyborgs get joy from very small doses of food while hedonists aren't getting the same amount of pleasure so they overdo it. That's sort of what this University of Oregon study found with milkshakes and "reward circuitry." The brain response in overweight women (the study was comprised of all females) was not as strong as in the normal weight women, and those with a gene variant were even less receptive brain-wise to the chocolate milkshake. Frankly, I'd rather have a sundae than a milkshake. In fact, this specific sundae that I saw in last month's Saveur and obviously am still thinking about. Butter pecan beats chocolate, any day.

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  5. Cross Game Episode

    Right after an episode ANNA SUI 財布 that left a negative taste in my mouth, Cross Game moves a bit forward in finding us to the subsequent game.

    What They Say

    Ryuou Gakuin’s アナスイ 店舗 ace Matsushima starts off having a bang, pitching a 123 inning. But Ko strikes ANNA SUI 時計 back with three strikeouts inside a row.

    The Evaluation!

    Content material: (please note that content portions of a critique will probably contain spoilers)

    Cross Game’s prior episode Paul Smithトートバッグ which featured the second half of the game against Sannou Paul Smith財布 was their way of playing the team by displaying them a single point together with the scouts then unleashing the full prospective inside the game. But not from the commence, rather Paul Smithトートバッグ they waited a variety of innings to lull them into a sense of superiority just before crushing them rather soundly. That is the difficulty you run into with scouting, anything that schools and teams do often at this level, but the whole point left a undesirable taste in my mouth with all the Seishu team as I wanted to see them play straight and sincere from the start off and to possess Sannou attempt and adapted earlier to it. That felt just like the right thing to do in my book.

    With that arc carried out, plus the game アナスイ 店舗 against Ryuou Higher coming up soon, a lot of this episode アナスイ バッグ is provided over to fluff. A few of it comes down to decent tiny moments that involves Nakanishi アナスイ キーケース and Ko talking about the upcoming game and how Ko requirements to focus just on his pitching when Nakanishi does the scouting and preparation himself. There’s a brief bit about one particular in the motives they are doing this, touching on Wakaba a little, but there is one thing significantly more to it as well that is unsaid as of just but. A part of it is fun to watch simply to see how Senda is about the whole point as 楽天ケイトスペード he’s just pleased to be playing at all and holding a bat in his hand feels just like the suitable point in KATE SPADE バッグ his life. There is a little of other minor character fluff outdoors of your game arena, however it feels so inconsequential in general that it doesn’t even stick with you a great deal.

    The show does appear to shift to the game against Paul Smithトートバッグ Ryuou rather instantly, particularly thinking about the scale of it as they are playing Paul Smith長財布 in front of a really huge stadium audience as opposed to preceding games. It really is the kind of game that begins off how I’d a great deal rather see them at occasions when compared with the preceding episode, with Paul Smith店舗 Matsushima plays seriously well and strongly, leaving 楽天ケイトスペード an impression. Once they modify sides and Ko gets up for the very first time, he does not play around, he does not let them really feel like they’ve a likelihood or just lets them hit for his personal side to obtain some practice. He gets in there using the 3 sturdy Ryuou batters and takes them down one correct soon after the other, leaving an impression on the audience that’s shocking.

    In Summary:

    While the first half from the episode アナスイ 財布 feels largely empty of anything exciting, the second half does give us ANNA SUI 財布 2013 some superior baseball time. And it’s not terribly アナスイ 財布 uneven either as every single team has their strengths but lacks a real sound approach to win against the other. A whole lot of it appears to involve luck ケイトスペード店舗 with how it is going to play out as a result of their respective strengths. The disappointment with this episode comes in that the game starts so suddenly after the mild develop up we had and that it lacks the sort of smooth development that we’ve observed with other games in the past. The game itself is superior and seeing Aoba cheering on Ko definitely was surprising thinking of how strongly she was undertaking it.

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