Stomachs, Midsections, and Guts Only, Please

On the products with your name track, a high-end Korean bbq restaurant just opened in midtown called Kristalbelli, which excites me on one hand and skeeves me on the other because I hate the word belly. Or tummy. There was a sandwich shop near my apartment called Fultummy’s, which I could never patronize with a name like that. It has since gone out of business, though I doubt it had anything to do with the name or my not ever becoming a customer. And I did try Potbelly Sandiwch Shop once.

And while talking about myself and random restaurants, I couldn’t help but notice this fancy Taco Bell that has been making the internet rounds happens to be in Pacifica where I was born nearly 40 years ago. I don’t imagine it was there in 1972, and if it was I wouldn’t exactly remember it. We were always a Taco Time family, anyway.

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