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Mad men

It's not a spoiler to say that Lane Cooper barfed on this past Sunday's Mad Men, right? (I am so against spoiler crybabies–you snooze, you lose, sorry.) Three days may as well be three years in the TV recap world. I guess being fired for embezzlement and being bought a Jaguar with money you don't really have could induced nausea.

Vicious kind

It's pretty rare but occasionally I'll develop a fleeting attraction to an actor and I'm not sure if it's actually to them or their character (like I went through a phase with James Badge Dale during Rubicon) and then the next time I see them the feelings are totally gone like it's some creepy hormonal thing that I don't want to dwell on.  Sometimes I think I like Adam Scott. I'm not really sure, it's a 75% kind of thing.

He was in a movie, The Vicious Kind, that I'd never heard of but that James decided to watch on Netflix since he pays for it and we never ever use it (Submarine with Noah Taylor, who I'm more 90% on, was another recent stream). It didn't initially gel for me, his misogynistic, something angry, sometimes sympathetic character didn't ring completely. I also didn't understand why you'd live in the same small Connecticut town as your father if you were so estranged that he would try shooting you if he saw you, which is why you might vomit outside of a bowling alley where he, your brother and his girlfriend (ok, I stopped myself from typing a spoiler, but is it like anyone had wanted to see this wouldn't have seen it by now?) showed up unexpectedly.

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