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Not quite AARP, but like an upbeat, you-go-girl (woman) angel of death, More, the "magazine for women who love to act their age" is now soliciting me. I've officially arrived at middle age.

Yesterday, I woke up with pillow marks in my face, as I often do. It was the first time I noticed that after my normal 45-minute get ready for work routine, my skin was still creased. I had to go out in public with lines denting my right cheek. One day they'll just take up permanent residence?

Striped dressI was able to pick up a few cute dresses at Anthropologie over the weekend with my birthday month 15% discount, which isn't that substantial considering how pricey they can be. I lucked out that there was also a rack of 25% off dresses that actually contained a few larger sizes in pleasing styles, and walked out with two frocks, summery stripes and fall polka dots, for $50 apiece that were originally $158 each.

On the other end, I bought my first item of clothing ever at Costco, a $10.99 Gloria Vanderbilt denim skirt with sparkles on the back pockets and the signature swan embroidered on the front right pocket.

I also had that thing where I get inexplicably nauseous on a NJ day trip, get dizzy, get a headache and barf, which I thought I had solved when I stopped taking calcium channel blockers earlier this year. Now, I'm wondering if it's migraine-related, after all. Anyway, I did not get to use my free Bang Bang Shrimp birthday deal at Bonefish Grill because I couldn't eat.

Last night, tipsy on the G train around midnight, I rushed off the front door of the train neck-and-neck with a cute guy (I have a compulsion about trying to beat people up the stairs and out of the station). I matched his pace up the stairs until he managed to pull ahead, turn around and say, "I like your dress" before bounding up the next flight of stairs and out of the station like a whirlwind. Obviously, he was gay. Straight guys don't compliment middle-aged female strangers on their apparel. But it was nice, nonetheless. I vow to compliment people more often (I guess complement, too? Not as egregious as palate/palette, sure). It's very easy and day-brightening.

3 thoughts on “Act Your Age

  1. My immediately thought about your sudden illness was migraine. That is how mine sometimes present, as well. Also, there is a link between migraine and motion sickness.

  2. Dana: I think you’re right, though I’m not sure what the solution is. The weird thing is that I’ve been in a car 10 hrs to Montreal and 5 hours to Baltimore, but I only get this sudden sickness on the 45-minute trip to NJ (and it only happens maybe 50% of the time).

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