Dream Date

I know I have mentioned this probably twice before,
maybe more, and dreams are boring (even though I just spoke of them last week)
but I'm being messed up by the dream I have every few months, and did last night, where I'm sexually attracted to a
coworker, they admit the same feelings (sometimes they start it) and then it's
this hot secret thing we need to figure out. Generally, I feel more reckless
about the situation and don't care about the repercussions and  they are more responsible and concerned about blowback (this would be our personalities in real life too). It's
the same coworker in every dream and it can only be symbolism because I feel
nothing for this person in real life, no chemistry, and it's not like I'm
picking up on vibes because they've never indicated even the vaguest interest in
me either. These dreams have been going on for years and they are mildly
worrisome. Well, not really (only worrisome because I don't know if anyone work-related reads this–that's doubtful–and thinks I'm writing about them and want to bone them or can guess who I'm talking about)  just writing this I can see they are driven by
anxiety and uncertainty. Last night I was a little concerned about making such
a rash emotional decision when I was just about to move with my boyfriend and
decided in the moment that I didn't care and would sneak around, but the
coworker wouldn't get involved until I made a clean break, which I wasn't
prepared to do. That dampened the mood and I got bummed out about messing up my
future and not getting to live in the new condo, after all. There is also an undercurrent of future disappointment because I don't fully approve of their lack of ambition career-wise even though we kind of do the same work. So message of the
story: don't have sex with coworkers. Ok, I'll dwell on the real message later
in my own head and keep any annoying self-actualizations to myself. 

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