The Making of a NIMBY

In Carroll Gardens it seemed like every other house had a
giant construction dumpster out front. 
Gut renos on their way to dream houses. In Clinton Hill, or this particular
far Northeast corner that's as much industrial as residential,  it seems that every surrounding building has
a groups of men hauling garbage and debris off of roofs.

Front construction

View across the street from living room.

Backyard hole

View from the bedroom in the back of the apartment.

For what purpose (and how there can be so much refuse that
hauling it is an eight-hour, five-man job day after day?) I'm not sure, though
I'm having a bad feeling about the empty lot next door that was nothing but
weeds and an abandoned wheelchair that has now been bulldozed and leveled
within a week. I'm afraid it's a mini condo boom is in progress (despite the
project across the street to the right that's been stalled off and on since
) and one with view-and-privacy-destroying potential just feet away.

Terrace view

Currently, the terrace view that would be at least partially blocked if the empty lot turns into a building higher than six stories.

5 thoughts on “The Making of a NIMBY

  1. I have mixed feelings on this. Really, I’m just selfish and care about things like my view. I don’t get all crazy about things others are up in arms about like homeless shelters moving into neighborhoods, 99 cent stores moving into the building as retail tenants or the rowdy club across the street. Though from a financial standpoint, I probably should care.

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