Thanksgiving Abroad

New or not, I don't know, but Twitter recently started periodically texting when people I follow follow someone else. Not neccessary. Yesterday I was notified that a surge of respected literary types followed @avlskies with 3,315 followers even though @avlskies follows 12 (that has since gone up to 13). Yes, The New Yorker Mongolian Thanksgiving miscarriage story. I mean, it's good, of course. Wrenching is an understatement. Well-written, obviously. You should read it. 

When the pair of Mongolian E.M.T.s came through the door, I stopped feeling competent and numb. One offered me a tampon, which I knew not to accept, but the realization that of the two of us I had more information stirred a sickening panic in me and I said I needed to throw up. She asked if I was drunk, and I said, offended, No, I’m upset. “Cry,” she said. “You just cry, cry, cry.” Her partner bent to insert a thick needle in my forearm and I wondered if it would give me Mongolian AIDS, but I felt unable to do anything but cry, cry, cry.

Could the phrase "Mongolian AIDS" possibly fly un-commented on, though?

No, no it could not.

You can't search comments (can you?) so I'm assuming there are more than these two threads (1, 2) I happened to see.

Are you this kind of 20something: Mongolian AIDS 🙁 or this kind of 20something: Mongolian AIDS much? Mongolian AIDS LOL.

At least she didn't use mongoloid at any point.

And now I will zip it before I morph into Ricky Gervais. What do you think of Derek, by the way?

Did I mention I'm going to Dubai for Thanksgiving? I'm not even sure why.

I hope I don't get Saudi SARS.

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