Nye selfie

I got appropriately drunk on New Year's Eve, so much so that I took a genuine mirror selfie, no camera phone flip screen because those always turn out 50% more ugly. Why is that, by the way?

Nye 1972

And then I made all the ladies at the party born in 1972, a lot, it turned out, pose for a photo (there's another version a friend posted to Facebook that includes a nice woman on crutches whom I wouldn't allow in mine because she was born in the wrong year. Sorry, but I have standards) even though I have full on pudge/lack of chin definition that normally I wouldn't want roaming public. It's why I won't post my new driver's license even though it has a cool hologram. I wasn't thrilled that I had to live with my last one that was also showcased a doughy face (I can go 20 pounds in either direction every handful of years) for eight years. Now I've got my new one till I'm also most 50. Who knows, though, maybe this is as good as it gets and my present face will look really good to me when I'm 49.

Speaking of, sort of, I had never given a thought one way or the other to menopause. Not until that Chillow commercial came on the other night. Why does loss of estrogen make one sweat? I have no idea, so a friend and I were looking up reasons and discovered that it's not just about hot flashes, but vaginal atrophy. Wait? Really? Why does no one talk about this? And this can happen in like the next year or the next decade. There's such an alarmingly short window between trying not to get pregnant and shriveling up.

Just a few nights later I saw another commercial for a new-to-me drug called Osphena, yes, to treat vaginal atrophy, the future issue I'd never even knew existed prior to 2014. This is no way to kick off a new year.

So, no resolutions. (Maybe watch fewer commercials?) I just resolve to use all off my duplicate beauty products and toiletries (dental floss, nail polish remover, shampoos, body washes that sometimes I'll buy when online shopping to meet the free shipping minimum) before buying new ones because it's too much excess in the cabinets.

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