I cut my hair again, even though I kind of want to grow it out. It's not that I purposefully keep my hair around chin-length always, it just happens. The point of doing the bleach my hair/dying it gray thing was to ultimately grow out my natural hair color in a way that was graduated because it seemed like it was a majority gray, not brown. I'm still not sure–it's more salt-and-pepper than anything–but I'm getting pretty close to all-natural so I decided to just chop two inches off.


Initially, I was afraid of looking like Tasmin Greig in Episodes, not that I think she's unattractive, just that I don't think that's my look. I don't want to look British and middle-aged (she's 47).  The Daily Mail wrote about her "growing grey gracefully" back in 2011.


But then, I realized I would probably be closer to Carol in Walking Dead, also a perfectly nice looking woman, especially for 48. The thing is, that I'm still pretty fresh into my 40s and do I really want to appear like a youthful 50? (I don't think I actually look late 40s, but can't expect anyone to take more than superficial glances and make snap judgments.)

3.16I can't figure out why when I take photos of myself–yes, that would be a selfie–that my mouth is always crooked. This is not the case when I'm photographed by others.

I've never watched How I Met Your Mother and never plan to. But I was sort of fascinated by a How I Met Your Dad spin-off written and starring Greta Gerwig. That's just weird. I don't know if it's a result of dating 14 years older, but she's looking very mature lately and I don't mean that as a euphemism for old, just that she has this pulled together, poised Cate Blanchett vibe, mostly derived from her sartorial choices, that makes her appear older than 30. It's not just me. In the comments, a mini fight erupts over her being too old for the TV role, and ripping on her looking like she's 45 based on the photo used to illustrate the post.

Perhaps the opposite would be Zooey Deschanel where people spazz that she's 34, I guess because she dresses kookily, i.e. younger. I don't think 34 is old, but I guess when you call your show The New Girl you're implying a certain youthfulness, which means under 30.

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