Unmarried woman

On a Friday night it was determined by myself and two friends that we felt 34. I don't mean look 34–I'm not delusional–but your sense of self. One way of looking at it is that we're emotionally stunted seven-to-eight years or it could be that we're seven-to-eight years behind professionally and personally. If I was 34 right now I would feel very right with the world. The oldest millennials are now 34, so I guess 34 is pretty young.

On Saturday night we happened to watch An Unmarried Woman (which I know I mentioned before because of its awesome puke scene–what I didn't realize was that it was so long ago that I was 34 when I saw it for the first time and had a minor freak out then. That's actually more what we meant when we said we felt 34. That 2006 to 2014 happened so rapidly and we're all completely the same, which I know is what all old people say) where I took Jill Clayburgh to be roughly 40 but was actually 34. Some of it is fashion, some of it is skinniness showing up on your face post-30, some of it is being married for 16 years with a teenage child. A boomer 34 wasn't young at all. Jill Clayburgh was only 66 when she died in 2010. 

Clayburgh dream

Ok, go read the dream some man (whose profile photo is him with Jill Clayburgh) had about Jill Clayburgh in 2007 that inspired the above artwork. No, it's not dirty.

I had no idea Lilly Rabe was Jill Clayburgh's daughter. She also has a mature look that made her character's age on American Horror Story tough to parse.

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