One More

For the second time in what is barely more than a month, I've discovered that a hardcore crush from my 20s has died. I'm starting to come to expect such news. It's not that even know a single person in common with this guy and I definitely haven't had any contact with him since 1994 (and even then contact was more like me trying to permeate his subconscious and cause him to dump his girlfriend and calling his house and hanging up). I simply did a curiosity Google to see if I could find an online photo to remember why I was so obsessed and ended up at an obituary. He was 43.

2 thoughts on “One More

  1. My racetrack pal and older guy crush died in March of a heart attack
    He was 65, still pretty young. I only found out because a co worker at
    my old job figured correctly that I didn’t know,
    so I was able to go to the wake and funeral. I went to
    his grave a few weeks ago and it took me a while
    to find it, even with the numbers and little map the lady
    in the office gave me. I kinda felt like a stalker, it’s a whole
    different shock when someone you fancied dies

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