The Only German Victory That Matters To Me Today

The bridge barf

Even though I've never been able to fully make use of Tumblr despite its strength for single-topic blogging, I would totally move my All Choked Up posts there if I didn't have to do it by hand and could just import Typepad to Tumblr sanely.

All of that is to say that The Bridge is back and so is the barfing. Franka Potente is maybe a sadistic Mennonite. No one knows yet. She had a banker's lackey's ear sliced off, and yes, that caused his boss to hurl into a plastic trash can.

I do like that pretty much all of the German actresses known to American audiences are being used in a single show. I also feel like pointing out that Henry Thomas was married to a German actress, though defnitely not one known to Americans (and probably not Germans either).

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