I've become victim to a mystery on par with how the backs of my shoes always get destroyed despite no recollection of ever scraping my heels as I walk, and this new tragedy is mascara smudging under my eyes. I'm pretty ok with my face, but if I had to pick a problem area it's definitely my under-eyes (my latest theory is that I'm allergic to something, not that I'm simply aging) so the last thing I need in addition to sunken sockets are dark smears in the same region. This summer I stopped wearing mascara on my lower lashes (I haven't worn eye shadow or liner under my eyes like I used to for a few years, as to not give any light lines emphasis). And now, just doing the uppers results in smudges. Maybe I'm blinking more? My mascara might be getting old and think and smeary? Yes, I realize waterproof mascara exists.


Every package in the little eight-apartment foyer today is mine. Didn't I just order that Uniqlo jacket yesterday afternoon? It's here already! Which reminds me that I never received the umbrella marked as delivered on Sunday (but did get the cat food and hair dryer from the same order) yes, Sunday, what a world we live in.

Unfortunately, I forgot that Uniqlo XL fits like an Old Navy M (and I've always felt a little crazy when people say Uniqlo–same with J. Crew–runs large when it's completely the opposite) I can barely even zip the jacket up at the bottom because it's slim cut to an extreme and I have too much hip , and will now have to spend $7 to mail it back or return it in person.  Oh, purchases made 11/6-26 have free returns. All right then.

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