I know it's dorky to notice namesake products, and I'm certain I've said this before, but when you grow up in a pre-online customization era where your name is non-existent despite sounding common when buying stickers and pins and the things that are important to grade school aged girls, it sticks with you.

I was amused that a Krista existed on Enlightened, even if she had to be a straighto-potato pregnant character.

I saved this spangly teal pillow called "Krista" to my hard drive last year. Oh, I must've deleted it recently. I don't even remember where it was from, though I'm guessing Joss & Main. It actually fits my color scheme, but not my aesthetic. Here it is on Pinterest.

I was just looking at reasonably priced wine glasses because I only have those stemless ones that were popular a few years back that purists kind of hate. Zalto, which were used at Momofuku Ko and that I'm not sure I fully appreciated, are out of my budget at $60 per glass. (Speaking of Momofuku Ko, I tried reigning in my tendency to shit talk in my write-up, but the couple next to me were hard to ignore because they were young enough to talk about their parents only being in their 40s while treating a $200 per person minimum meal like they were at the kind of neighborhood restaurant with $15 burgers, and most importantly for my warped purposes, used "retarded" in casual conversation, disproving my theory that only Gen X and older fall back on that now insensitive term.) And, well, there is a Krista wine glass at Crate & Barrel. I did not buy it because it was for dessert wine.

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