24 Hours

2015 will surely be the year when blogs die–if they haven't already. Yesterday, this was much talked about, i.e. linked to, among the types who talk about and link to such things. It was about the demise of websites in general, from a media perspective not personal, but I've experienced a slow -burning decline in traffic on my food blog, which I've decided to make way more personal and less service-y because who cares, partially because I messed up rankings moving to WordPress last year but also because who reads blogs anymore? I don't even get to everything in my rss feed (haha, rss feeds) these days. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have something do with it, and there's just no way I'm going to adapt to Snapchat, Vine or any sort of messaging platform being used to publish content. One must draw a line in the sand at some point in life. I will from here on out be the fogey clinging to outdated forms of communication. And humor like '90s-style self-deprecation. (When I had an online dating profile I half-seriously put "sometimes call my iPod a Walkman" under the "most embarrassing thing you're willing to admit" question and no one finds that funny except really old, literal men who use a Discman unironcially.)

I had been intending to move this blog to WordPress last year but it never came to fruition, I no longer have help with technical wrangling, and I'm not so sure that it even matters (beyond saving $8.99–or is it$9.99?–per month and possibly helping my Goodies First ranking, even though it means little in the scheme of things, by finally deleting goodiesfirst.typepad.com which leads here, confusingly).

This used to be my only outlet. Now I blather into the ether via one of the aforementioned channels, mostly because I can get instant gratification and interaction (though not much on Twitter anymore where it's now just noise rather than engagement). I'm not killing this site. It's where I still can go a long and middle-aged livejournal even if I reveal far less personal nonsense than I used to.

For the next 24 hours, give or take, when I feel the urge to post something on social media I'm going to put it here instead just to see how it feels.

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