Faces of Facebook

First it was the OurTime.com ads on Facebook. I am not 50+.


Then it was SingleParentMeet. I have no interest in birthing or parenting my own children, let alone a crew-cutted cop's.

What are these games all men in dating ads are tired of? I love games.


Then, it came to this. (Shuts laptop, sets it on fire…)

So romantic. So romantic, in fact, that I clicked on bbpeoplemeet.com against all better judgment. Dignity? Nah, don't need it.

And just as plus size departments are hidden in basements near the luggage or shoved next to maternity sections, dating sites for fat women are embarrassingly low rent. The copious warnings on the site about internet scams either imply that fat people are not very smart or like the elderly are vulnerable and need to be protected from the unscrupulous. That one of the questions is if you'd be willing to relocate–something never even alluded to on mainstream dating sites or apps, which are all about proximity–conveys a sense of compromise and desperation beyond what I'd even imagined.

My imagination can be pretty accurate too even if I feel slightly gross about my reliance on stereotypes. But stereotypes have become so because they contain truth. I clicked through because I wanted to see who'd be on a BBW site, picturing blue collar white dudes and black men.

Bbpeople matches

That is exactly what I found.

Refusing to believe this was the truth, I found a slightly less seedy website. While a little more aesthetically pleasing from a design standpoint and lacking scam warnings, the selection of men was more of the same–at first.

Buried many pages deep I discovered a guy I had messaged with last summer, total brownstone Brooklyn cliche, well-educated, high profile job, precocious children, supposedly separated. Wow. So, he's a fat fetishist! I don't know if that explains more or less. And considering that any woman over a size 8 will find nothing to buy in the boutiques of gentrified Brooklyn, it's no wonder he must go looking online for these rare creatures.

Excuse me, while I go delete my dummy profile now.

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