Stalkers Gonna Stalk

Huh, that was some upbeat craziness I posted last. Nothing has happened since then to counter any of that positivity, which is to say nothing bad has happened. Nothing great either. Nothing has happened at all and that’s the problem. Stagnation and un-eventfulness makes me crazy. I like to make things happen if at all possible but am fighting inertia at every turn (and am taking my higher dose of migraine medication again after having three incidents last week and just spent like three hours trying to write about two new restaurants and didn’t even finish four paragraphs). My natural state is lumpen.

Actually, something very funny has happened since I wrote the above 24 hours ago and forgot to post. I totally ended up looking like a stalker last night and it was purely coincidence. Like I’m almost laughing out loud typing this because I have on purpose tried bumping into a guy recently and it was really stupid and I’ve given up on that situation already (and did incidentally run into them once so pretty much the takeaway is to stop trying) and then this thing last night was a total freak accident in-person run-in involving an online stranger that I hadn’t given any serious thought to and therefore it was hilarious. I feel like I should be more embarrassed (and should give more details—that’s what Facebook is for these days) but I’m not at all because there was no intent.

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