Kitchen Confidential: Phase #6

wallpaper3I’ve nearly accomplished my goal of having zero white in my kitchen. Once the stove is gone, that’ll be it. (And then I’ll just pack up and move, my work here is done.) It’s strange that I’ve taken this long to get to the wallpapering phase because it was the wallpaper, Graham & Brown Mirage in damson, was the first idea I had for this kitchen, inspired by the mauve Formica. I can see that I bought a sample all the way back in June of last year because I love jumping the gun on life decisions, big and small.

wallpaper1So, here it is in all its glory. This kitchen doesn’t photograph well, color-wise, and it’s not clear that the wallpaper has a metallic sheen. (It’s also impossible to capture fully because of the tight angles.) There’s little consistency from photo to photo and natural light vs. the warmer cast from the chandelier make a big difference. Obviously, you get the idea, though. This photo is the most representative to actual hue.

wallpaper2It’s all that I hoped for really, a little crazy, slightly Northwesty, and wonderfully murky.

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