It occurred to me last night that there is also a reverse UnREAL/Catastrophe situation happening on TV: Masters of Sex. I hadn’t realized that the season-opening time jump meant that Virginia is now meant to be 40 because Lizzy Caplan is 33 and looks 33. Spoiler if you take more than a week to watch a show, but she’s pregnant, unexpectedly after a one-time cabin romp with her ex-husband. My first reaction was one of disbelief, not at her fertility as much as her lack of planning. If anyone would be savvy about birth control in 1965, you would think it was Virginia Johnson. It seemed like a soapy plot point to force an abortion storyline likely to end in a change of heart because no women on TV ever get abortions even in 2015 portraying fiction from 50 years ago. On the show at least, Masters is infertile, so that’s the only logical explanation I can come up with for why Johnson would be so prone to leave things to fate.

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