I’ve become a little crazy and obsessive and distracted recently, but I can’t talk about that here. Despite my virtual hand-wringing, aging is great in many ways. One way in which it is not great, however, is that personality quirks that were cute in your 20s make you look psycho in your 40s. I suspect I’ve said this before because I’m old and forgetful, but I’ve been thinking about it more and debating whether I should even care (signs point to no). I haven’t done anything psycho for the record, but I might like to.

I saw a disturbing person from my turn-of-the-century life in my neighborhood recently, but I can’t talk about that either here.

I really hate being forced into maturity and discretion

(Once again, I encourage anyone who for whatever reason wants a more regular barrage of personal blathering to connect on Facebook–with a message, though, or I may ignore the request. That’s where I scratch my over-sharing itch these days.)

What can I talk about here?

How about undereye circles again? Great subject. Fun. Enlightening. I’ve figured out that the solution to the sunkenness I hate that’s neither wrinkles nor dark pigmentation has a name and it’s tear-trough fillers. I can’t believe this is something I’m actually giving consideration to. I also can’t believe that women are so weird and secretive about such things. If it’s what you want to do, who cares. 

While watching two TV shows not on TV recently, I wondered if women caring about undereye deterioration was just an American oddity (don’t think so–they’re pretty crazy about skincare in Korea and environs) at least as far as actresses allowed to act go.

catastrophe eyes

Witness Sharon’s sister-in-law on Catastrophe. (UK)

the code eyes

And Sophie on The Code. (I was too lazy to go back and get a screenshot without the visual interference or pick one with better lighting.) (Australia)

Two’s a trend for sure.

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