Don’t Let the Door Hit Your Ass, 2015

It occurred to me that I haven’t done a gross old makeup post in a while. We really lucked out this year with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve both falling on Thursdays so we could get all visually nostalgic in the name of #tbt. I wouldn’t even say I like this photo that much but it’s one of the only NYE examples in my possession and I suppose it is historic because it was my first celebration in NYC. I recall it was $65 at nondescript Union Square bar that I can never remember the name of and may or may not still be there and that seemed super expensive and I didn’t end up paying for myself.

jane nail polish

But the point of this is to point out that I still have the nail polish that I was wearing that evening and that I bought specifically for the occasion. My boss at American Baby, where I was working at the time, complimented me on my manicure. I’ve since bought a similar nail polish, a Sally Hansen pale silver with iridescent rainbow glitter, that no, I’m not going to dig up. It’s pretty old too now.

Ok, I now will continue working on my ninth of 24 (mini) reports that are due Monday morning. I am totally serious. I may also be in a denial stupor. 2015, 2016, it really doesn’t matter right now.