Shelving It

It’s been a little quiet here (and elsewhere). I’m not out of words. I’m at a crossroads (not an impasse). I want to put my energy into future-making things. This has never been that, and time has become such a premium that panic and inertia has set in. I’m just off of a week-and-half staycation (sorry) of sorts–entertaining company, more like–but clarity and refreshment were not side effects (also, in the past month I’ve lost the ability to discern between affect and effect) though that probably has something to do with only taking four days off work officially, which only hurts myself since my job is purely deadline-oriented. As it stands, I am now slammed with no chance for time off until at least September. Goodbye summer, before you even began.

So, let’s get into the important matters like housekeeping and makeup.

I put a lot of effort into finding shelves to fit into a slim space in my hall and somehow ended up with less storage and no place to put the litter box. I thought I’d be able to eliminate the Ikea Omar shelving that was in this space but instead I only emptied half of what it housed into the new cabinets and now have to use both. So, I went on a makeup purging bender. Lots of eye shadows and glosses and brushes and curlers and it felt great.

R.I.P. Sally Hansen Tourmaline Chrome, Royal Purple Chrome, Diamond, Mango Motion, and Iced Cream Matte; Rimmel Zeitgeist and Shocker; Revlon Autumn Berry, Blueberry Burst, and Fashionista, Maybelline Chocolate Grape; NYC clears; Sinful Shamrockin’, plus Wet ‘n’ Wild Blackest Green and Sally Hansen Maui White Frost found later and not pictured. That’s a lot of Sally Hansen. Oh, and there’s not a photo because I threw them all in the trash yesterday after thinking I’d taken photos when I’d set them up in good light and then forgot about executing. That’s how distracted and unable to focus I am right now. 

Now that I see them all sitting here like that (in my mind) it’s obvious they are well past their prime, all gooped up, dusty, leaking, old but not old enough to qualify as a classic (I still have a stash of pre-millennium makeup I’m never tossing). There’s also a sadness to seeing stickers excited to announce new shades, Chocolate Grape circa 2000, Fashionista somewhere around 2011, now dated and unloved. And wow, there is a sadness to getting sad about nail polish. I’m officially off the rails. 

Time to be productive starting…now.