I know someone who seems to be stuck on couples, like as a target of annoyance and all that's wrong with the world, but I'm not sure she even realizes this. The other friend who […]

Lip Service

It's no secret that I can be a little make-up crazy even though I rarely do anything elaborate anymore (I was recently pawing through old photos to find something Mother's Day appropriate to post on […]

Blue and Gold

We've had enough close reads and 2,500+ word recaps of Mad Men and its ilk already. Time for the important things–like color palettes. It's not a dead match, but the first thing I thought of […]

Getting Pumped

I've determined that generally it takes me three times hearing/reading about something before I take notice and possibly do something about, i.e. buy a product. I have access to a zillion surveys that would show […]


I will spare you the picture, but I got bored and decided to try and do a demi-permanent dark blonde/light brown over my bleached hair and not even with the optimal shades, just some old […]