What gives? The first two women I saw on the platform as I entered the Carroll Street station yesterday morning had gray hair, weren't elderly and were attractive in their own ways (cool 30ish lesbian […]

Hello I Must Be Going

Just as getting excited about products bearing your name,  mentioning celebrity lookalikes (and dreams–that goes without saying–though I will say that after taking a new blood pressure medication that knocks me out at night and […]

Grabbing Hands

I know this video of the dad playing Depeche Mode with his kids using rinky-dink and improvised instruments has been making the rounds, and I was highly resistant to watching it…until now. Ok, it’s very […]

Steal Away

I worked at the Portland Goodwill (briefly, for 12 days straight, then quit) during this same period Miranda July speaks of in this New Yorker piece. And yes, I also stole things. The afternoon I […]

New Yorkers

Carolita Johnson's tale of being tormented over the years due to her looks (having big lips in particular) is quite the read. I instantly recognized her, though, from a New York Times real estate article […]

Girl Blogger Voice

I’m still not hating xoJane even though I think I’m supposed to. I really do think it’s a generational thing, even though I wish it wasn’t. Despite my developing morbid obsession with aging and attempts […]

Family Ties

As I go through a phase where I am aging and closer to dying and  therefore debating whether or not I should be closer to the remaining members left on my father’s side of the […]