Web 1.0%

Tilde club? This is my tilde club. So much discussion in certain circles, not my circles, about the old pre-millennium web. Aren’t these nouveau old-school efforts just in-joke communities for those with large platforms? Tilde […]

Face It

Recently, I was thinking about words we'll eventually lose like retarded to describe something stupid. I have a hard time letting retarded go, even if that reeks of hipster ableism (I'm still not 100% clear […]


It turns out that I was completely wrong about this building. I'm now thinking that quite a few women were just safely past the first trimester this winter when looking for an apartment upgrade. All […]


"Do you love Jovanotti? I love Jovanotti." I had no idea who Jovanotti was, but my brief high school penpal from Italy had scrawled this all over the envelope containing her letter. (I have zero […]


Speaking of slow, I am really excited about that one of my favorite not-that-famous bands since high school, The Pastels, is releasing their first album in 16 years. And fittingly, it would be called Slow […]

Girls Will Be Boys

“I looked like Matt Dillon” —Denis Leary’s wife, who seems like a funny, grounded middle-aged lady who probably isn’t anything like his fictional wife on Rescue Me even though that’s how I picture her.  She […]

Old, Older

I’m not an online video watcher, but sometimes I see so many mentions about a particular clip that I cave. I finally clicked on Gawker’s “Jay-Z Rides the Subway, Adorably Explains Who He Is to […]