Rolling in the Dough

Fatleto Great, so flabby men are now en vogue? Obviously, TV fatsos have been getting a free pass for some time, but if it's in The Observer, um, then it must be a wide-reaching trend that the entire city, no, world, must be made aware of. But the merely doughy Vince Vaughns and Jack Blacks (I'm sorry, but Mr. Black is a different eschelon of tubby) are apparently getting their due. I find this realm very tricky and am amused that they've lumped Colin Ferrell, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kiefer Sutherland in with this ilk (at least I think they did–I haven't been clear thinking lately. I've been sick to my stomach since the weekend, which I won't go into at the moment, but I had my most exciting vomiting venture ever). I'd hardly consider these males hefty, but do like that standards are shifting enough that far better than average men (though not necessarily to my liking) are viewed by tastemakers as essentially fat. But I won't be truly interested until I read a piece on chubby starlets being all the rage. The only chunk I'll abide is the misguided Jared Leto.

4 thoughts on “Rolling in the Dough

  1. Are you totally infatuated with “My so Called Life”??? Because I am. First, Jared Leto’s character was so troubled and disturbed, I knew when I was 14 that I could be the one to fix all his problems (and teach him to read, as the case turned out to be). Secondly, they always featured the band Buffalo Tom on there. Buffalo Tom was a great band! If I was going to pick up the “Krista Garcia Stalking Torch,” Jared Leto would totally be my pick. He’s even pretty hot as a tubby psycho for his new movie!

  2. I was never obsessive/crazed over Jared Leto in his So-Called Life days, though he was attractive. But there’s something about his puffed up look for his new role that I’m fascinated by. Kind of like how Christian Bale went overboard the other way for The Machinist (which has been on cable relentlessly the past week). Like they’re trying to suffer for their art, but no one is really giving them the Renee Zellweger/Charlize Theron/Tom Hanks props they’re seeking.

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