27 Chins

Ok, I've let this misunderstood category sit for a while, but I've been spurred back into action after reading this lovely backhanded compliment in Time Out NY's review of 27 Dresses, "…Heigl–her quivering double chin […]

Marrying Down

I could’ve added Jeff Garlin in I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With to the no fat dudes category, but see, I’m full of restraint. Who says wisdom doesn’t come with age? But there’s something […]

The Age of Love Handles

Lest you think I only criticize “fat dudes” while never offering positive alternatives, it’s only because I’m given little opportunity. Case in point, last night’s outrageous Entourage plotline (cause you know the show is completely […]

Knock-Knock Joke

I don’t have any problem with Judd Apatow, he knows from funny, but I’ve kind of blocked out anything to do with Knocked Up because I find pregnancy and baby culture so inherently repugnant that […]