Doggone It

It’s hard to keep up with all of these oddball animal pairings. I’m sure these two are totally passé by now (or at least have had a falling out—I mean, is there any guarantee that these twosomes continue to be friends for life?) but I only recently discovered them. I don’t even like dogs, but the furry beasts with owls and squirrels are goddamn adorable.

DogsowlCanines & Bird
Look, Hazel, a German shepherd has taken a liking to Boobah, an owl. And so have her puppies.

Squirreldog5Canines & Rodent
Aw, and new dog mom Mademoiselle Giselle, a Papillon (I’ve never heard of such a breed—is that like calling Whippets “Italian Greyhounds”?) befriended a baby squirrel named Finnegan that fell out of its nest (do squirrels have nests?).

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  1. I stumbled upon this site while I was doing some online research. Yes, these odd pairings are always appealing. I recently saw a news report about an orphaned baby hippo who is super attached to a giant tortoise.

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